Tech Notes

A kind of lab notebook. Let’s be real, this is as much to remind me of what I’ve done as it is to share with others.

Streaming Video on Demand with Hugo · · video

Jade's Basic Tech Toolkit · · travel tools fieldwork

Unwanted IPv6 on Proxmox VE bridge · · proxmox PVE IPv6

Google Registrar rejecting your name servers? · · dns google vpn

AWS DataSync Agent on Proxmox · · aws proxmox pve

Ruckus ICX 7450 crash on IKE key rotation · · brocade ruckus vpn

Exploring the Ubiquiti USW Flex Mini · · hackery ubiquiti

DIY environmental monitor · · ESP-IDF hardware

Fan not spinning on Auvidea J121 + Nvidia Jetson TX2? · · ARM Nvidia hardware

Repair Mackie CR4 speaker select switch · · hardware repair

Quieter fans for Juniper EX3300 switch · · hardware hacking

OpenWRT on Meraki MR58 · · OpenWRT MR58

Inside the Meraki MR58 · · Hardware MR58

Replacing a failed disk in SmartOS · · SmartOS

Ubiquiti AirFiber 5X: the perfect medium-capacity backhaul · · Ubiquiti WISP

Ubiquiti AirFiber24HD: Solid improvement with excessive hype · · Ubiquiti Marketing WISP

Cisco site-to-site VPN with outside VRF · · Cisco VPN

Power & IO connector for Cisco 2955 · · Cisco WISP

IPv6 via 6rd on Charter with Cisco IOS · · Cisco IPv6 Charter

Management Configuration in Ciena SAOS · · Ciena

Basic Configuration in Ciena SAOS · · Ciena

A zone named management on a Juniper SRX · · Juniper SRX Firewall

Cisco CSR 1000V on SmartOS · · SmartOS Cisco BGP

Home directories and SMF Error 96 · · SmartOS SMF

Mikrotik DHCP & FreeRADIUS with a hint of unlang · · Mikrotik WISP

Enable SNMP write on Canopy Radio · · SNMP WISP

Continuity of Blog · · misc